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Friday, November 18, 2005

Blogosphere groupies

It's hard to know what to even say about this, because every sentence mocks itself so enthusiastically and thoroughly that it leaves no room for added ridicule. But it's also too extreme not to post about, so I think it's best to just pass it along.

It's a drooling report from a young woman named Karol at She apparently attended the blogger bash celebrating the launch of that new, monumentally revolutionary site, Open Source Media, and she is simply besides herself at having met all of her favorite blogging stars.

Here is an excerpt of Karol, bubbling over with a truly toxic mix of glee and awe:

Obviously, everyone there wanted to meet Glenn Reynolds.

He was talking to Evan when I came over to introduce myself. It's been said before, but Glenn Reynolds is a man of men.

While I'm just getting around to blogging at like 2pm because I woke up really hung-over after all that free Ketel One, Glenn has already blogged a week's worth of news, and, I believe, is traveling back to Tennessee. Also, while I'm a big fan of myself, I realize I'm a virtual nobody in the blogosphere. My thousand or so hits a day is what Glenn gets in around 10 minutes.

And he actually knew my site, which is unbelievable and just proves how much he is able to store in that big brain of his. Evan was saying that he sees Glenn as a bellwether of American politics, since he's not a partisan and seems to call things as he sees them.

I noted that I love him and my super liberal 'friend' loves him so I can see Evan's comment being quite true. During the conversation, Glenn said to me 'you know, I hope you don't mind me saying so but you're a lot younger and cuter than I thought you be.' I took it as a great compliment (Instapundit thinks I'm young and cute! Instapundit thinks I'm young and cute!) but it did get me thinking that conservatism is just so often associated with stodginess.

I try to mix it up by throwing in hip-hop or debaucherous tales from previous nights, but I still come off as old. Even more alarmingly, I seemingly come off as not cute. How does one fix that?

It is too pure to add anything to. It deserves to stand alone, as a monument to so many things.

UPDATE: OK, so I broke down and did add something - I bolded my favorite, favorite parts. They are just too good not to.

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