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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Powerline: John McCain is "Pro-terrorist rights"

John McCain is a war hero; a recipient of the Purple Heart, Silver Star and Bronze Star; and a former Captain in the U.S. Navy. McCain was a prisoner of war in Vietnam for 5 1/2 years after he refused his captors' offer to be released once they found out he was the son of an admiral. He is also a steadfast supporter of the war in Iraq and a proponent of aggressive military action across the Middle East.

Paul Mirengoff is a lawyer and a blogger. According to Paul, "Paul supports Everton FC of the English Premier Soccer League, as well as the Washington Redskins, the Washington Wizards, and the University of Maryland basketball team."

Also according to Paul, John McCain is "pro-terrorist rights." Pro-terrorist rights. Why? Because McCain thinks the U.S. shouldn't torture people.

Today, Mirengoff wrote this:

What about the United States? The pro-terrorist rights wing of our Senate is picking up steam, and our Supreme Court can never be counted on to resist European trends.

The link which Mirengoff provided to exemplify the "pro-terrorists rights wing of our Senate" is to an article from The Los Angeles Times ," entitled McCain Vows to Add Torture Ban to all Legislation.

To Mirengoff, if you don't believe that the U.S. government should be torturing people, it means that you are an advocate for terrorists. Merely to describe his position is to illustrate its idiocy. Is there anyone more consistently repugnant than those tough guy "buddies" at Powerline?

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