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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Bush courageously confronts tough questions

(UPDATE: I have another new post today at C&L regarding all of the pious civility sermons from Republicans to which we have been subjected over the last 24 hours ever since "Mrs. Alito" had her emotional breakdown.)

I have a new post up at C&L regarding the creepily reverent "questions" which George Bush was asked yesterday after his speech in Louisville, Kentucky. The President has been criticized for appearing only at events where he cannot be questioned, and the White House's response has been to manufacture "Q-and-A sessions" after Bush's speeches where one citizen after the next stands up and heaps worshipful praise on the "Commander-in-Chief." The "questions" are all along the lines of "Thank you for protecting us all. What can we do to help you?"

The one question Bush was asked yesterday about the NSA scandal basically demanded to know why the reporters who disclosed the illegal eavesdropping haven't been imprisoned yet. Bush laughed off the question with a coy joke. He is a powerful leader but also a magnanimous and kind leader.

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