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Friday, April 14, 2006

Note from A.L.

By Anonymous Liberal

Now that Glenn has been freed from his book-writing prison and can resume his normal blogging duties, I'm going to return to blogging at my own site. But before I go, I wanted to take a moment to thank Glenn for giving me the opportunity to fill in for him for the last few weeks. In a relatively short amount of time, Glenn has managed to build this site into something pretty amazing, a real standout in the blogosphere, and it was an honor to be able to contribute to it. I also want to thank all the regular commenters here who took the time to address my posts and to share their thoughts. I assure you that I read every last comment. I hope you'll stop by my blog from time to time and continue to share your thoughts. Again, many thanks.

From Glenn: At the risk of subjecting you to gooey mutual admiration, I want to say that the thanks is due to A.L. It was not easy to force myself to stay away from my blog these last few weeks in order to finish the manuscript, but what enabled me to do so was knowing that there was such high-level content being provided by A.L. -- along with the line-up of guest posters, including Hypatia, Hume's Ghost, Film Diva, and Pete Guither. I asked A.L. to post in my absence because I was a regular reader and fan of his blog, and now that you see why that is, I hope you'll continue to read his posts over at his blog if you're not already doing that.

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