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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Various items

(1) Beginning tomorrow morning, I will be blogging throughout the week at Salon's War Room for a vacationing Tim Grieve. If you don't have a Salon Premium Membership, you can obtain a free day pass each day by clicking through the ad. They have an active comment section, so feel free to move our comment discussion over there. The War Room format is somewhat different than my normal blogging style, since the posts tend to be shorter and more numerous, but the basic approach will be the same.

The always excellent Anonymous Liberal will be guest-blogging here throughout the week. There may be a few other guest posts as well.

(2) QandO's Jon Henke, among others, has started a new group blog, Inactivist, composed of various types of libertarians. Henke, a frequent critic (and occasional defender) of my posts, is an independent and thoughtful political commentator who is almost always worth reading. Another blogger there is the always provocative Mona (a/k/a Hypatia), a regular commenter here, who has a post up now taking certain libertarians to task for their support of decisively un-libertarian Bush policies, including the ongoing occupation of Iraq. There are very few blogs which are both analytically independent and original, and Inactivist looks like it will offer very worthwhile contributions.

(3) At least from what I can see, all those who viciously attacked John Murtha when the Haditha staff sergeant sued him on Wednesday for defamation have said nothing about the fact that the sergeant now also apparently believes that GOP Rep. John Kline defamed him, and therefore will add him to the lawsuit if no apology and retraction from Kline are forthcoming. Jesus' General tries to induce some responses.

(4) I'm going to write more about this tomorrow, but it is simply amazing how so much of our national pundit class is hopelessly drowning in worthless conventional wisdom, only able to spit out the shallowest and most banal observations which are just self-evidently, indisputably wrong.

Here is the dreadful Cokie Roberts today reciting the Beltway "wisdom" that a Lamont win would be "a disaster for the Democratic Party" because it would be "pushing the party to the left"-- even though a solid majority of the country is emphatically against the Iraq war and Joe Lieberman's views on foreign policy issues are anything but popular. Why is that fact so difficult for so many people like Roberts to digest? At least Sam Donaldson pointed that fact out, which is the only thing that makes watching the segment at all bearable.

(5) Billmon -- who, in my view, has been the single most astute commentator whom I've read on the Israel-Lebanon war (even when one disagrees with him) -- has today posted a typically thorough and insightful analysis of the U.N. Resolution jointly proposed by the U.S. and France, along with some predictions as to the likely response from Hezbollah.

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