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Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Various matters

(updated below)

(1) My posts today at Salon:

(a) an analysis of the new Washington Post-ABC News poll, which contains some very bad news for Republicans and even worse news for neoconservatives;

(b) an examination of the increasingly common, and increasingly aggressive, exploitation of anti-semitism accusations as a partisan weapon, most visible in the Lieberman-Lamont race but clearly part of the nationwide right-wing political strategy; and

(c) a post concerning Joe Lieberman's history of mimicking the Bush administration's rhetorical tactic of equating war criticism with anti-Americanism, behavior which I believe accounts, more than anything else, for many Democrats' intense hostility towards Lieberman.

(2) Feel free to use the comment section here to discuss the results of the primary tonight (or, as always, for whatever else you want to discuss).

(3) Justin Rood at TPM Muckraker has an article updating the Mark Zaid-John Murtha-John Kline Haditha lawsuit. I had some concerns about what I perceived to be some not-completely-accurate statements in the original version of Justin's story, but he was very responsive, cooperative and accommodating in correcting them, which I appreciate.


(4) For whatever it's worth, Jane Hamsher, in Connecticut, has some preliminary post-poll-closing reports. These sites appear to offer in-time returns -- here, here (h/t Echidne) and here.

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