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Monday, September 25, 2006

Salon posts today

There are several posts I have at Salon today. This one concerns the rather incredible denial by Allen several weeks ago of having ever used the word "nigger" in his entire life, a denial which became much more relevant in light of this Salon article reporting on the claims of several college football teammates of Allen who claim that he did.

The other post is a response to Jonah Goldberg's astounding -- and flatly false -- claim that "The notion that conservatives opposed Clinton as Commander-in-Chief in the pre-war on terror or in other military ventures is simply unfair ... Sure, there were some wag the dog voices -- like noted rightwing trogs [sic] Arlen Specter and Christopher Hitchens -- but generally even the most partisan Republicans supported Clinton."

As my Salon post documents, leading GOP senators, representatives, editorial boards, organizations and pundits repeatedly called into question Clinton's motives in taking military action, including in Yugoslavia and the Middle East, and thus attacked the commander in chief at exactly the time when troops were still in harm's way. Goldberg's "response" to that post is here.

Finally, the first post is related to the post below here, documenting how false is the claim that it was Bill Clinton who "emboldened" Al Qaeda by retreating from Somalia in the face of U.S. casualties.

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