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Friday, December 15, 2006

Blog news

I am currently working on my second book, the first deadline for which came and went on November 15 because the topic and focus of the book have changed somewhat. The book -- the details of which will be forthcoming shortly -- is being published by a large publishing house and, as a result, this new deadline, January 15, is hard, real and cannot be missed.

In order to finish the book by that date, it is necessary for me to drastically reduce the amount of time and energy I devote to this blog over the course of the next several weeks. I'm not going to disappear completely during this time -- having developed an addiction to daily blogging, I doubt that would be possible even if I tried -- but I am going to have to reduce the frequency of my posts.

As a result, I've arrange for two guest bloggers (so far) to begin posting here on Monday, both of whom are among my favorite bloggers whom I read daily -- Anonymous Liberal, who has guest blogged here several times before, and Blue Texan, whose blog is devoted to critiquing the mindset of the Bush follower via his extremely insightful and quite amusing focus on one particular Bush-following blog. I will likely have one other as yet-unknown guest blogger.

As indicated, I will be posting here and there during this time -- a couple of times a week at least. Blogging will resume in full force as soon as I finish the book.

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