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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

The right wing blogosphere's tender embrace of Tom DeLay.

By Blue Texan

By Blue Texan -- Everything you need to know about how morally corrupt, intellectually bankrupt, and divorced from reality the conservative movement is today was on display last week when Tom "The Hammer" DeLay launched his new blog.

RedState, where DeLay had already been a regular contributor, invited him to analyze the results of the midterms, Right Wing News did a sickeningly fawning interview with him, and Glenn Harlan Reynolds aka "Mobius Dick" linked approvingly to a discussion between two Bush supporters about DeLay's blog.

One of the links, to Dr. Helen aka "Mrs. Mobius Dick," was melodramatically titled, "The Scarlet R" and began by attacking the mean, nasty "liberal" anonymous posters who had the gall to post insults on The Hammer's blog. She then quoted uncritically this passage from DeLay's interview at Right Wing News.

Quoth The Hammer,

When was the last time the Republicans or conservatives attacked the left for their outrageous comments or outrageous activities? We don't attack.

Apparently, neither Mrs. Dick or Right Wing News saw nothing at all ridiculous or surreal about Tom "The Hammer" DeLay claiming that Republicans don't attack, because Mrs. Dick wistfully added,

I am beginning to see that while it is admirable to hold facts and substance above attacking one's opponents views, it doesn't work...Maybe speaking up and not slinking around in shame would be a better strategy.

Indeed, Mrs. Dick, indeed! Conservatives like "The Hammer" should stop being such shrinking daisies, build some sort of media presence and get on offense for a change. Because, gosh darn it, it's time they stopped getting pushed around!

Maybe what conservatives need is a few dozen nationally-syndicated radio shows, a global 24-hour news network, some newspapers, blogs, maybe even some endowed think tanks at major universities. That way, good and honest conservatives could finally rebut those awful John Kerrys, Dick Durbins, Howard Deans, the Jimmy Carters, Michael J. Foxes and Barbara Streisands, the Dixie Chicks, the Cindy Sheehans and the Bill Mahers, the Dan Rathers, the 9/11 Widows, and the gay Teletubbies of the world, who keep annoyingly getting away with saying whatever they want, whenever they want, without being challenged by anyone.

Mrs. Dick bravely adds,

It seems like those with views other than liberal must wear the Scarlet R. Well, I will not hide any longer. If people want to call me a Republican, I will wear the label with pride with the R proudly displayed on my forehead whether it really fits or not, just to show my solidarity with those who are oppressed by such labels.

Let's just ignore the use of the word "oppressed" because it's so laughable. How astonishing that Mrs. Dick does not grasp the simple, basic, cause-and-effect relationship between the electorate's rejection of Republicans and the person she just lovingly cited, who led the GOP for the past decade, Tom DeLay.

The Tom DeLay who blamed the tragedy at Columbine on the teaching of evolution. The Tom DeLay who claimed that he's on the side of Jesus Christ. The Tom DeLay who diverted Homeland Security resources to track down Texas legislators. The Tom DeLay who was the highest-ranking member of Congress to face criminal prosecution. The Tom DeLay who poisoned our politics.

You wear that label with pride, Mrs. Dick!

It's also more than a little amusing that the right wing blogs who asked "The Hammer" to analyze why the GOP lost in November didn't happen to notice that exit polls indicated that corruption was a key factor, and that Tom DeLay was at the center of that corruption.

If the conservative base thinks really believes they lost because they weren't enough like Tom DeLay, I'm looking very forward to 2008.

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