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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Instapundit attacks media despite glowing Ford obits.

By Blue Texan

By Blue Texan (Updated below) -- A good example of just how pathological the hatred of the media has become on the right today can be found in this post from Glenn Reynolds aka "Instapundit" aka "Mobius Dick."

They said nice things about Reagan after he died, too, despite hating him in office, and they're already gearing up to do the same thing with George H.W. Bush, who was treated quite unfairly during his term. (See, e.g., the supermarket scanner story). It's as if the only good Republican President is a dead Republican President.

So this is how it works in the warped, demented mind of the Republican partisan: "they" write mean, critical things about Republicans; therefore, this proves that they hate Republicans. And when they write nice things about Republicans it's because they feel guilty about all the mean, critical things they previously wrote, and again just proves that they hate Republicans.

Also, it goes without saying that "they" only repeat silly exaggerations about Republicans, to help Democrats get elected, as they did when they denied Poppy Bush a second term. Quite unfair of them. Nevermind that, the source Mobius Dick uses to debunk the George HW Bush "supermarket" story, also indicates that the "Al Gore invented the Internet" meme is false, a media favorite that Bush followers continue to berate Al Gore with.

But what's even more galling about this post, which was ostensibly about Gerald Ford, is that Mobius Dick found the time to scratch his festering media rash and somehow didn't quite get around to noting how unserious and terror-loving President Ford was.

In July 2004, Ford told The Washington Post that he "very strongly" disagreed with Bush's justification for the war and would have pursued sanctions and negotiations rather than order an invasion. "I don't think I would have gone to war," Ford said in an interview with Bob Woodward.

Why didn't Mobius Dick mention that the mentor of Cheney and Rumsfeld was such an America-hating defeatist? Do you think if Presidents Carter or Clinton had made that remark it would've gone unnoticed?

Here's the best part: by Mobius Dick's own standard, set exactly two months ago, Ford wasn't a conservative at all, because he didn't support the war in Iraq, which means he didn't support the war on terror. But today, all of a sudden, he's a conservative again, martyred by the liberal media, who are now showering him with glowing tributes after his death...out of sheer guilt.

I just can't think of a better word than crazy. Any other suggestions?


Mobius Dick has updated his original post by agreeing with this crackpot theory from a Bush supporter, which further demonstrates this pathetic, paranoid victimhood of the far right.

"The reason for the media praising dead republican presidents is to make the current Republican president look bad in comparison. This is a twofer -- you show that you're not prejudiced against republicans, and you paint the current president out to be a traitor to the better traditions of his party, even if those better traditions are only recognized posthumously."


So the positive obits for the President Ford are just to make Bush look bad. But if they'd been mostly negative, that too would confirm the anti-Bush, anti-GOP bias of the press, since Ford was a Republican.

It all makes perfect sense now.

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