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Friday, December 08, 2006

Two blog items

(1) I am in the process of arranging interviews with some of the key figures who helped uncover the complicity of the Homeland Security Department and Department of Justice in multiple kidnappings and murders in Mexico (including at least one victim kidnapped from the U.S.), as well as the DOJ's efforts to punish the whistleblowers and journalists who uncovered it (while, as always, protecting the Bush-allied wrongdoers).

The interviews are going to be conducted by telephone and will be tape-recorded, and I would like to create an uploadable file for the interview, as well as transcripts for each. If anyone can assist with that -- particularly with generating transcripts -- please e-mail me. For reasons I described over the last week, I think this case really deserves to be aggressively pursued and there are substantial potential benefits from doing so.

(2) Voting for the Weblog Awards began yesterday. This blog is nominated in the Best Individual Blog category, and you can vote here.

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