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Friday, December 22, 2006

What Haditha says about the warbloggers.

By Blue Texan

By Blue Texan -- Yesterday, the Haditha tragedy was again in the news, as 8 Marines now face criminal charges in the deaths of 24 Iraqi civilians -- including women and children -- killed in the Iraqi town on November 19, 2005.

Predictably, this has been totally ignored thus far by Bush followers, including Mobius Dick, Michelle Malkin, Powerline and RedState. It's a given, had the Marines not been charged, that their sites would be lighting up like Christmas trees, attacking the media over its rush to judgement, how it hates our troops, how it was trying to hurt Bush and undermine the war, etc.

Oh wait, they already did that.

Those who would reduce war crimes to mere partisan footballs are not manning the bulwarks of moral seriousness, however much they might adopt that pose.

Indeed. Remember, unserious leftists, it's only acceptable to use war crimes as partisan footballs to flog the media again and again and again and again, accuse it of "Bush-bashing" and attack the UN for good measure.

All of Mobius Dick's Haditha posts can be found here, and they're basically all about the same thing: media bias. Kind of a narrow, um, analysis.

Ironically, two days prior to the killings at Haditha, John Murtha, who Mobius deemed a "disgrace," called for the complete withdrawal of US troops in Iraq, saying they no longer had a clear mission and that the war in Iraq was a "flawed policy." This is the very same month, by the way, that President Bush announced his "Strategy for Victory" in Iraq.

The warbloggers shrieked and screamed at Murtha (Powerline later called him "disgusting" and Michelle Malkin accused him of "hanging the Marines"), and of course propped up the Great Leader. But in their frantic demonizing of Murtha and the media they never bothered to ask this critical question about Haditha: why were the Marines there? Why were Marines getting blown up by IEDs and knocking down civilian doors in Anbar, almost three years after Mission Accomplished?

We should remember that the cretins (as Chris Matthews called them earlier this week) who put those guys in that terrible situation are just as responsible for Haditha as the men on the ground. If you put overstressed combat soldiers in an untenable situation, bad things happen. John Murtha, who was a Marine for 37 years, understood that. The warbloggers like Mobius Dick, who've never served, still don't.

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